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You might remember that in our team (openSUSE Boosters), we created openSUSE Connect some time ago. It was meant as replacement for users.opensuse.org that nobody knew about and nobody used. We hoped that it will attract more users and that it will be more user friendly way, how to manage personal data. Apart from that, we wanted to include more interesting widgets so it can become your landing page for all your efforts in openSUSE project. With that regards we created bugzilla widget, fate widget, build status widget and some more. We hoped that it would make difference and help people and that they will enjoy using the new site. During this summer my GSoC student created amazing Karma widget as well to make it more fun. And as Connect has been some time already in function, it’s now time to collect some feedback. Did it work? Do you like it? Or did it become just a wasteland? Do you think such a site make sense?

I’m not promising anything right now, but it would be nice to know, what our users think about it and whether it could make sense to put some effort in it and how much and where to concentrate it 😉 So please, fill in this little survey and let me know your opinion. I’ll publish results later 😉


  1. victorhck says:

    Hi !

    I have translated this article into spanish for spread to the spanish speakers this site.

    Here’s the link:

    Thank’s for your work !! 😉

    1. Michal Hrušecký says:

      Great! Thanks for your hard work! If you just want to direct people to the survey directly without redirecting through my blog, here is direct link:

  2. victorhck says:


    Even I made a little logo: http://victorhckinthefreeworld.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/opensuse_connect.png?w=590

    Sharing in spanish forum too !!

    1. Michal Hrušecký says:

      Great! Thanks! I really like it, we should include it!

      1. victorhck says:

        if you want I can improve, and upload the .svg file in to artwork repo on Github …

        1. Michal Hrušecký says:

          That would be great! Just one comment, what logo can and will be used for is that small image that is in the menu and in top left corner of connect itself. I just can’t imagine your current logo being downscale to work there…

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