GSoC 2011 ideas – SaX 3

You must already heard about this from everybody. Google Summer of Code 2011 is nearby and openSUSE wants to participate. Currently we are collecting ideas and mentors and we are going to apply. I also came up with few projects and volunteered to mentor them. I saw Thomas Thym introducing his GSoC ideas and I… Continue reading »


MongoDB and Redis in openSUSE Build Service

Usually I inform you here about MySQL related news in openSUSE. This time it will be a little bit different. But it will be still database related. You probably know that not so long ago (maybe still valid today), NoSQL databases were the cool thing to try. I think it has settled a bit now… Continue reading »


MySQL 5.5 in openSUSE Build Service

MySQL 5.5 is GA for more then a month already. If you are reading some news, you probably already heard, that it is great, million times faster, has trillion new features that you desperately need and much more. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But anyway, MySQL 5.5 is new version everybody talks about.… Continue reading »


MariaDB 5.2.3 in openSUSE (Build Service)

You maybe already noticed, that MariaDB folks released their new stable version 5.2.3 today. And as we’ve got our great openSUSE Build Service, we already have this version packaged and you can install it easilly on openSUSE. I didn’t had much time to test it deeply, I just tried that it runs, and that I’m… Continue reading »


kde-obs-generator is looking for a new name!

You probably already heard about that. Some time ago, Luboš created really great tool – kde-obs-generator. This tool takes a simple config and analyze tarball with sources. Then it will try to create spec file, dsc file and everything you need to build package from that. Easy to use even for non-packagers 😉 One little… Continue reading »

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