GSoC 2011 Ideas – OpenID provider for Elgg

Last week I started introducing my GSoC ideas. This is continuation of that post series. Today I’ll be writing about OpenID provider plugin for Elgg, what is it good for and why we need it. What is Elgg and why should you care? Elgg is a soacial networking platform. It is written in PHP and… Continue reading »


openSUSE Paste after the sixth hackweek

Hackweek ended over a week ago. It was a lot of fun. I hope that some of you enjoyed it at least as much as I did. Unfortunately (or luckily? :-D), right after the Hackweek I was traveling to attend two conferences (firstly Znalosti 2011 in Slovakia and then FOSDEM (will blog about FOSDEM later)).… Continue reading »


openSUSE Conference 2010

As you probably all know, few weeks ago was openSUSE Conference 2010. And it was great event and I’m glad I was able to attend it. Unfortunatelly I had some troubles with my blog, so I’m writing about it now. I had there a small “workshop” about KVM & libvirtd and about why you shouldn’t… Continue reading »


Ideas about Karma in openSUSE Connect

You probably already know from Pavols post, that we are going to work openSUSE Connect during Froscon. Anybody can join us. Only basic php knowledge and will to learn new things is required. Or maybe you can contribute somehow even without php, just with html and css. Anyway, what I was investigating lately was the… Continue reading »

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