Challenges in 2015

You might have noticed that I decided to run for the openSUSE Board. And as we shortly have a new year and everybody is evaluating the past and the future, I will do the similar, mainly focusing on few of the challenges that I see laying in front of the openSUSE Board in 2015. SUSE/openSUSE… Continue reading »


Running for The Board

Hi everybody, openSUSE elections are just around the corner and I decided to step forward and run for the seat in The Board. For those who don’t know me and would like to know why consider me as an option, here is my platform. Who am I? I’m about 30 years old, live in Prague… Continue reading »


Me, Raspberry Pi and old TV

In September I visited Akademy in Brno. It was close and sounded interesting (and it was). I met there Bruno and Francoise and tried to help them a little bit with openSUSE booth they organized. It was cool, wasn’t sure how many people I will know there, but I met Cornelius on my way to… Continue reading »


Cool Live flash GSoC idea

I have this idea nagging me for a while about how to make our ambassadors live (and mine) easier. From time to time you need a flash drive with Live version of our favorite openSUSE to show it to people. Currently it is really simple to create one using dd. But once you do it,… Continue reading »


Jaká byla openSUSE 13.1 release párty?

Minulý týden v pátek se v Pražské pobočce SUSE odehrála openSUSE 13.1 release party. Pokud patříte k těm, kteří z nějakého důvodu nemohli dorazit, rád se s vámi podělím o nějaký stručný přehled toho, co se na párty dělo. Jako obvykle byl k dispozici na hraní náš velký touchscreen který znáte z různých akcí. Tentokrát… Continue reading »

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