Me, Raspberry Pi and old TV

In September I visited Akademy in Brno. It was close and sounded interesting (and it was). I met there Bruno and Francoise and tried to help them a little bit with openSUSE booth they organized. It was cool, wasn’t sure how many people I will know there, but I met Cornelius on my way to… Continue reading »


Two more openSUSE Paste tasks from GCI completed!

As you may know, Google Code in is in progress. It is a great opportunity for high school students to participate in open source and compete in contributing to the projects. And I happened to be one of the mentors with few tasks contributing to our openSUSE Paste. I already mentioned one that was completed… Continue reading »


Jak jsem přešel na vlastní server

Před skoro rokem jsem opustil webhosting a přešel jsem na vlastní VPS (mám teď pro sebe celý virtuální stroj). Tak bych se chtěl lehce podělit o své zkušenosti. Začnu lehkým úvodem, proč, co, kde, jak a příště povím něco o konfiguraci jednotlivých služeb. Motivace Co mě vůbec k migraci vedlo? Se službami webhostingu jsem byl… Continue reading »


Google Code-in 2011 and openSUSE Paste

It’s been a long time since I posted anything about openSUSE Paste. Frankly, there wasn’t much to write about. Last thing I wrote about was OpenID integration. And I found out, that not so many people actually use it or know about it. So I will post about it again sometime But more importantly there… Continue reading »


openSUSE Conference 2011 – Collaboration with universities

openSUSE Conference 2011 is getting closer and closer. Everybody is getting excited and looking forward to it. So what will be my contribution to the many interesting talks and sessions at openSUSE Conference? I would like to discuss, promote and improve collaboration with universities. But let’s start with what, why and how Why? There is… Continue reading »

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