Joining the fediverse

Some time ago, I joined the Fediverse. Why and why now? I actually gave it a try few times already I tried it many years ago with Friendica. I actually run it for a while and posted there but I can’t find any traces of it anywhere so it was a really really long time ago (sometime before 2015). It was nice, but social network by myself is kinda boring so it eventually died out.

Using Password Store with Saltstack

I’m using Password store for a long time and I love it. It is simple, intuitive and it just works. Recently I started adding some more formulas into my Saltstack and I started searching for a way how to store some password that are going to be set via Salt. It stand to reason to check whether I can use Password Store with Salt somehow. I found that there is pass renderer already part of Salt itself. I checked it out, but in the end, I ended up forking it. Continue reading to find out how, why and what is the result and what is my final setup.

Baofeng BF-T1 review

Recently I decided that my family needs walkie-talkies. My daughter started riding a bike and I needed to stay in contact with her when she ventures too far. Ideally without shouting my lungs out. For my use case I don’t need really big range, I need something cheap that works and supports some kind of filtering so we wouldn’t be disturbed by people using the same frequency. For the future use, VOX functionality and headset would be a plus.

A little trick for Salt key exchange

This is mostly a note to myself. Once in a long while I need to add a new computer as Salt minion. And I always forget how to verify the fingerprints of the key. I know the probability of somebody intercepting the handshake is low, but it is possible nevertheless.

Switching to static blog

Long time ago, I started writing a blog. Nowadays it is kinda old fashion. People just watch TicTok at best. Nobody reads anymore. I also write less and less. Kinda because it is hard to find the time and hard to finish. I have few articles that I haven’t finished in my old Wordpress instance just lying around. I just can’t get around to finish them. Part of the problem is that I don’t have a time in front of of computer.

Thinking about getting a smart watch

Smart watches are obviously the cool thing right now. I took a look at few of them and I like some of the features, but so far I haven’t found the one that would be a perfect fit for me. What do I miss? I’ll write about that bellow with few examples of the watches that I kinda like for one reason or other. And if I missed the ultimate one, please let me know!

Why I bought Turris MOX and why it is worth considering

Let’s start this with a little background. I work at CZ.NIC on Turris project. So I’m definitely biased. But this post is my own, written in my free time and express just my own opinions and it explicitly doesn’t represent opinions of the company I work for unless by chance. So now you know the background, so let’s take a look at what Turris MOX actually is. It is marketed as modular open source router.