server:database structure changes

After some discussions which happened on mailing list lately, I decided that server: database repository can use some more adjustments. Some people complained about changes I introduced with MySQL 5.1. One point of view is that using factory version on production server is a bad idea but on the other hand, where would you get something newer for your old openSUSE to let it survive a little bit longer before upgrade to newer version? I’d like to introduce following repository scheme which should solve these problems…

server: database: STABLE

This repository will contain last officially released version of some server database related packages. Purpose of this repository will be mainly to provide new stable packages to users of old distributions and possibly as a repository with minor fixes which are too minor to get to the official update.

server: database: FACTORY

Packages in this repository will be intended for the next version of openSUSE release. They should be quite stable but generally much less tested then packages from STABLE repository. Version updates can occur and sometimes something can be a little bit broken.

server: database: UNSTABLE

As name suggests, this repository is mainly for testing. It’s purpose is to contain highly experimental packages not intended for next openSUSE release. It may contain alpha or beta version. Purpose is to be prepared for possible problems when package became stable and we would like to include it in openSUSE. Or maybe to test some highly experimental settings of existing packages.


Now you may choose by yourself how stable/new database you want. Well not really now as I created these repositories just today and I didn’t put all packages in them yet and as Build Service is currently heavily loaded I think it will take some time to get everything built… But you can be prepared and you can know what you can expect in near future. And you probably also can add repository of your choice already 😉