Next week (July 20 – 24th) is a HackWeek

HackWeek LogoDo you know what the HackWeek is about? Well probably most of openSUSE community members do. HackWeek is a week when we (at SuSE) don’t work. Well, we work but on anything we want and we don’t work on our regular duties. We can work with whoever we want and we can even take some community members to our workplace to help us. I’m really looking forward to this event. Well and as I’m quite a new at SuSE, this is my first HackWeek. So I’m even more excited.

What are my plans for HackWeek? I already wrote here that I think that some /etc managing tool can be really useful. I want to try to spend my HackWeek investigating and hopefully implementing some parts needed to make this feature possible. I know that it wouldn’t be done in one HackWeek, but I’ll get a better idea how much work is needed. I’ll probably get some new ideas and better knowledge about this problem. And hopefully we will produce something useful. If not, we will learn what we were doing wrong 😀 That’s sometimes quite useful too 😉