Jag – Multiplatform 2D Puzzle Game

It is some time already since I encountered this game for the first time. I tried it because one guy on irc was speaking about how addictive it is. I didn’t believed him, tried it and became addicted. I overcome this addiction over the time. I’m not addicted anymore, but as this game is freely available I want to warn our users about this dangerous game 😉

So what is this game all about? Well, it is quite simple. You have to move boxes to get three or more same boxes in one line (either horizontal or vertical). When you achieve this, boxes will be destroyed. Your goal is to destroy boxes while they are on fields marked by green or yellow color. These fields will either vanish (green one) or get weaker (yellow one will turn into green one, chained boxes will get unchained). Level is finished when you destroy all marked fields (you can’t destroy all boxes as you get new one for every destroyed box). And why it isn’t so easy? Because you can move the box only if it will form the line.

Game Screenshot

Principe is really simple. And game has 50 levels. You can choose from several different themes and get some bonuses during play, but it still doesn’t sound really addictive. And that’s why it is so dangerous. So be aware and don’t get addicted. This game is available for openSUSE in games repository and it’s homepage is http://jag.xlabsoft.com/.

Well and since I’m not addicted anymore, I can try to play it a little bit more 😉