Testing new opeSUSE safely?

One member of openSUSE Community started very interesting project I want to inform you about. What is it about? It is publicly available virtual machine with openSUSE Milestone. So if you want to test how openSUSE 11.2 would look like without installing it on your computer or just want to show your friends why should they use openSUSE then this project let’s you do so easily.

Author of this project is Jaromír Červenka and you can read something about this project in one of his blog posts. But as his blog is in Czech, I’ll mention few things as well.

It runs on VMware Server 2.0 and availeable environments are KDE, Gnome and XFCE. But you can install anything you want as root account is avalable. How you can connect to the machine?

login: password:
virtual virtual
root virtual
Connection posibilities
vncviewer leon.i-tux.cz:1
ssh virtual@leon.i-tux.cz -p1111

And last thing to mention – there is already fate request to creating something like this officially. So if you like this, vote for it 😉

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