Junior Jobs: First contributions!

We have announced Junior Jobs in the Monday and we already have the contributions! People are interested! It’s not in factory yet but it’s on its way there. Let’s be more specific. Currently I’m speaking about bug 546020. David Binderman reported missing free in barcode package. As this is easy to fix, it was marked as a Junior Job. And here comes our community member, Marek Belisko, fixes the bug and sends us submit request. It was accepted by package maintainer and resend to the Factory. He also fixed bug 432596 in libunwind. And again, his fix was approved and it is on its way to the Factory. Once these two fixes (and some more) will be accepted in Factory, his name will be in changelog of these packages forever!

If you want to see the list of fixed Junior Jobs as they will get closed, visit following URL 😉