Junior Jobs: How to contribute

Have you always wanted to be openSUSE Contributor? What was stopping you? You just didn’t know where to start? Well every package has some maintainer and you can try to find some problems, fix them and then submit fix to the maintainer… But in the beginning you may encounter too hard problem or you’ll fix it few days after maintainer does it or even you’ll do the fix for old version which wouldn’t be needed after planned update. And of course it’s not so easy to find something that is broken 😉

So we started concept of Junior Jobs, currently only bugs. These are the problems which are easy to fix and you can try them to learn how to contribute. These bugs are marked as Junior Jobs by maintainers. As maintainers knows the package, they can tell that it’s easy to do and that nobody is working on it at the moment… More informations about this can be found on the wiki: