LinuxAlt 2009 Overview

This weekend we were on LinuxAlt conference with my colleague Pavol Rusnak. It was really nice event, we met quite some people. I also learned some new things during the talks but I’m not going to write here about talks as others will surely write about them more deeply. I’m going to write something about the feedback we received and what we talked about with people.

openSUSE 11.2 DVDs

As I already mentioned before, we were giving out openSUSE 11.2 promo DVDs to the people attending conference. GoldMaster was created at Friday and we were burning DVDs during night and during conference and printing out covers to have something really fresh to give to the people. And we weren’t burning new DVDs fast enough as people were really interested. We came with 30 pre-burnt DVDs and they were out in no time and the rest had to wait till we burn some more. In the end 50 people was lucky enough and received shiny new openSUSE 11.2 directly from the oven.


Other thing I want to mention is meeting with Vlastimil Ott, representative of Liberix, which is a Czech non-profit organization promoting Linux and Open Source in general. We talked with him about what they need, how can we help them and what we can offer. And I’m really looking forward to our future cooperation in promoting Linux. One of the interesting topics we spoke about was for example giving some lectures on schools. He told us that they receive quite some offers what they can do for people to promote Linux, but sometimes they just don’t have enough people.


We spoke also to quite a lot of other people, we received really valuable feedback from community and from the people working on other distributions as well. Some other ideas and blog post will follow. It was really great being there and I’m looking forward to the next years LinuxAlt.