LinuxAlt 2009

Michal Hrušecký

This is going to be just a little note. Tomorrow starts two day conference LinuxAlt in Brno in Czech Republic. I’m planning to attend as a mere mortal (no presentation or such). So if you want to speak to me in person, you can probably catch me there somewhere. I’ll be wearing some openSUSE t-shirt and I’ll probably have some other openSUSE/Novell stuff with on me. I’m attaching one of my latest photos to this blog post.

And why you should be interested in meeting me? I’ll be carrying around some DVDs with openSUSE 11.2 PromoDVDs for people (if they’ll get ready in time). And if you’ll catch me soon enough, I’ll give you one. One of my colleagues, Pavol Rusnak, will be carrying some DVDs too, so you can try catching him too 😉 So tomorrow the game ‘Catch your openSUSE Booster’ will start and first winners will get DVD with openSUSE 11.2.