Media Wiki Theme – status update

Last time I informed you about Media Wiki theme I’ve been working on for our Umbrella project.  There were plenty of reactions to the screenshot. I’ll skip the positive feedback and let’s talk about the negative one. Most of the negative feedback was about the color. Some people didn’t liked that it is grey and not green. Robert responded to this and instead of citing him, you can read his whole reaction here. In short, grey has some advantages against green (high contrast, elegant, neutral, …) and we can use green elsewhere and for highlighting.

Media Wiki Theme Screenshot

There were some other suggestions as well. So I rewrote some parts of the theme. You can see new screenshot above. But today it’s not only about the screenshot. I also deployed this theme and sample Media Wiki on my web, so you can try clicking through it 😉 If you have any suggestions/complains, don’t hesitate to speak up. And if you’ll attach the patch it will be even nicer 😉 That reminds me of the code. All webdesign code is available in opensuse-webdesign repository on gitorius. So you can browse trough it if you are interested and of course, send a patch 😉

Live Media Wiki Theme Preview