Updates in unstable repo (not only) for openSUSE

I already mentioned this repository several times on my blog. It is the repository where I’m trying to keep bleeding edge stuff for MySQL. I’ve been updating it recently and we’ve got new package there and some interesting updates I want to mention.

MariaDB and MySQL

First thing to mention is that this repository contains MariaDB builds. MariaDB is fork of MySQL and their goals are certainly interesting. For list of differences, try upstream page. As I consider it interesting, I’m keeping eye on it 😉 Maybe our users may benefit from it. But currently it is also a source of possible problems in this repository as it contains MySQL as well. I tried to modify both packages in such a manner that both provide mysql and conflict with each other. It should be possible for user to decide which “mysql” he wants. But as I’m still trying to test it and improve it, it may still contain some glitches. But I pushed it here, so you can try it and help to make it perfect. Currently available versions in this repository are MariaDB version 5.1.41 and MySQL version 5.5.1. You can decide which one do you want to try by installing either ‘mariadb’ package or ‘sun-mysql’ package. If you encounter any problems, please let me know. And as always, backup while you still have something to backup 😉

MySQL Workbench

Other thing that was updated is MySQL Workbench which is now available in this repository in version 5.2.14. Again, even Sun considers this version beta, so be cautious. But I really like it. It combines together previous Workbench and Administrator (I think even Query tool, but I didn’t used that one too much). It has nice and shiny GUI and it definitely worths trying. It is a huge difference against version present in openSUSE 11.2 not mentioning older releases. But I’m keeping here 5.2 branch of MySQL Workbench for some time already so maybe you already noticed 😉

Other builds

Maybe you also noticed, that MySQL is getting build in our Build Service not only for various SUSE distribution but also for RedHat, Fedora and CentOS. Same applies in server:database:UNSTABLE repository and therefore not only MySQL but also MariaDB is getting build here for these distribution. Lately I tried to figure out dependencies for MySQL Workbench and I succeeded in building that for Fedora too (It would be too difficult to support RedHat or CentOS). That’s great thing about openSUSE Build Service. It encourages you to build your packages even for non-SUSE people. But as I don’t have these distributions anywhere, these builds are even less tested then SUSE ones. But if you want to try them and report errors you encounter, feel free to do so 😉

Last thing to mention is URL where you can find everything I wrote about in this post. And here it is, just choose your distribution 😉