Public openSUSE 11.3 virtual machine

I really like our openSUSE Community. Do you remember that before 11.2 release there was a possibility to try new openSUSE without installing it? Well, our community member Jaromír Červenka did it again! Original blogpost in Czech can be found here. For those who don’t speak Czech, some basic overview in English.

Once upon the time, there was a virtual machine. It was using KVM and it was managed by gentle libvirt. But it was kind of lonely. But as it was young and fresh new openSUSE, it wanted to see more people. So Červajz made a passage for it through the firewall. And now it runs ssh, vnc and even web service and it can talk to everybody.

So end of fairy tales. You can access latest openSUSE Milestone using following informations:

login: password:
virtual virtual
root virtual
Connection posibilities
vncviewer leon.i-tux.cz:5901
ssh -l virtual leon.i-tux.cz -p2222

And last thing to mention – there is already fate request to creating something like this officially. So if you like this, vote for it 😉

VNC in web browser

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