LinuxExpo 2010

For those who didn’t know, last week there was an event called LinuxExpo in Prague. And we off course went there with the Czech part of openSUSE Boosters team to talk about openSUSE. Other colleagues also helped with running openSUSE booth. And some of our community members we standing around talking to people as well.

We had our HP TouchSmart machine with us (same one as we had on FOSDEM), but this time we had only one of them. But to make things more attractive for visitors, we took steering wheel with pedals with us and we had Torcs preinstalled. So people wasn’t only touching our desktop and playing with camera, but also racing.

We also had a presentation with Pavol about how people can use openSUSE Build Service and SUSE Studio in schools to prepare LiveCD for student to make it easy for them to run their school software at home. I used it in similar context already (I’ll write something about that later).

So overall, it was nice being there, meeting many people working to make Linux better and get some feedback from our users. And at the end here are few photos that appeared on our hard drive during LinuxExpo.

As for the photos, just few people you might know… There are some people from SUSE Office in Prague. But you can also see non-SUSE people there. You can see Tomáš Matějíček – author of the Slax and even one of the Gentoo developers 😉 Other photos can be found on photo gallery and on Liberix photo gallery.