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openSUSE PasteDo you also feel that Hackweek is nearby? So many people will be working together on so many interesting stuff. And when you are working in large groups around the world, sometimes you need to talk about code snippets. And then you use something like pastebin.com. But there are many similar services on the web. And I already encounter on openSUSE IRC people using for example fpaste.org. So why don’t we have some paste thing to show that we are the openSUSE guys and girls? My guess is that nobody cared enough to create other one then opensuse.pastebin.com. But I was part of the Umbrella team, so I want to have everything nicely integrated… So here I come with openSUSE Paste.

It is basically Open Source software called Stikked. I just downloaded it, configured it and make it fit to our Bento theme. Currently it is hosted on my webserver only, but I’ll try to get some nice opensuse.org name for it. I’ll also publish source code adapted to Bento theme once I figure out how to create a repository on gitorious.org 😀

Just one nice tip at the end. If you want to use it frequently, add following to your .profile

SUSEPASTE='curl -v -F "code=<-" -F "name=`whoami`" '
SUSEPASTE="$SUSEPASTE -F "submit=submit" -F "lang=text" "
SUSEPASTE="$SUSEPASTE http://paste.michal.hrusecky.net "
SUSEPASTE="$SUSEPASTE 2>&1 | grep Location "
alias susepaste="$SUSEPASTE"

Then you can use it like this:

$ dmesg | susepaste
< Location: http://paste.michal.hrusecky.net/index.php/view/33355419

So try it, play with it, and any comments are welcome (and once I publish the code, contributions too)

openSUSE Paste

UPDATE: Public git repository with sources available on http://gitorious.org/opensuse/paste

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