openSUSE Paste

openSUSE Paste

It’s been some time since I started working on openSUSE pastebin clone with Bento theme. I had some other duties so it took some time to find some final resting place for that. Some of you asked me for a better URL. I finally found it and since today SUSE Paste is running again on new address and it is ready to serve you 😉 I also wrote a simple script to make it easier to use it. So you can start using it, promoting openSUSE and if you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to report them. If you are interested in details behind this paste, continue reading, otherwise start pasting 😉

Ok, so you are still here? So you probably want to know what, why and how. SUSE Paste is still based on Stikked. As you can see on Stikked project page, there were no commits since 2008. But it doesn’t matter as long as it works and as long as I can fix it. We’ve got for example newer Geshi included, Bento theme and shorter links. Last time people complained about long URL. I did two things to reduce it. First one is the domain. SUSEpaste.org is quite short and easy to remember. Other thing I did is that I got rid of the unnecessary /index.php/view/hash in URL of your paste and replaced it only with /hash. So URL for pastes now looks like this:


Pretty short, isn’t it?

Other thing I did is that I asked my friend Jaromír Červenka whether he will host it. And he agreed. So I got hosting for SUSE Paste for free. Why did I asked him? Well there were plenty of reasons why. First of all, he is valuable member of openSUSE community. You may remember him as a person behing live.opensuse.org. Apart from that he is offerering web hosting and now he is starting to offer VPS hosting too. He hosts my blog since I created it. But what is really important is that all his servers are running openSUSE and currently openSUSE 11.3 :-D. So hosting is provided by our community member and it’s running on the newest openSUSE!

Now back to the paste itself. One reason to revive it is feature#310201. It’s about including some pastebin software in openSUSE in every instalation to make it easier for people to ask questions on IRC. I agree that it is a good idea to include something to make pastebin usage easier for the newbies. And if we are going to point them to some predefined pastebin, why not to our own! Let’s promote ourselfs 😀 Also I tried proposed pastebinit and I don’t really like that it is written in python and has some complex dependencies (configobj). So I want to try to include some really simple script in next openSUSE which will use SUSEPaste

I have created such a simple script and it is already available in openSUSE Contrib. So if you’ve got Contrib among your repositories, you can install package susepaste and try it. Just two examples of usage:

dmesg | susepaste
susepaste /etc/fstab

This should give you an easy hint how to use ti 😉

sources: http://www.gitorious.org/opensuse/paste
service: http://susepaste.org
script: http://susepaste.org/script/susepaste

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