openSUSE Paste update

So some other things happened with openSUSE Paste so I want to inform you about the current situation. We have address, right? So from yesterday, we also have Same computer, same IP, just different name if you prefer the other one. As it is the same thing as, links are interchangeable. So you can post something to and send link to or vise versa. Just replace the first part of the url 😉

Other interesting thing to report is that Pascal Bleser added support for susepaste to pastebinit, so if you don’t like mine simple script, you can use more advanced tool 😉 But this is nothing new, he already blogged about that. Next steps on openSUSE Paste includes localization, documentation for the script and getting it to the common menu on all openSUSE sites. But I need to get back to other things for a moment so it has to wait a little bit 😉