kde-obs-generator is looking for a new name!

You probably already heard about that. Some time ago, Luboš created really great tool – kde-obs-generator. This tool takes a simple config and analyze tarball with sources. Then it will try to create spec file, dsc file and everything you need to build package from that. Easy to use even for non-packagers 😉

One little potential inconvinience with kde-obs-generator was that it depended on one KDE core library. Not really problem in openSUSE, just one little library to install, but it might be more complicated elsewhere. On other distributions dependency on this one KDE library might be non-trivial and pull in quite some KDE components. And some folks might dislike it even because something not so practical. I can imagine that it may sound quite funny packaging Gnome application with KDE application 😀 So with some poking (and little help) from our side, Luboš dropped the dependency on KDE libraries and now it depends only on Qt.

So as it no longer depends on KDE, name kde-obs-generator doesn’t really describe this tool well. So we are looking for a new name! Ideas suggested so far are obs-generator and Packager-O-Matic. But we know that our community can be really creative – we got the name for our chameleon in Prague ZOO from our community – so we are asking for your help again. Please propose some names for this great tool in questionare bellow. And if you are going to openSUSE Conference or you know somebody going there and your proposal will be selected, then you can win plush Geeko!