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This is just a small update regarding openSUSE Paste. Some time ago Gertjan Lettink from openSUSE Forums team asked me, whether it would be possible to add possibility to keep pastes forever on openSUSE Paste. I wasn’t really fan of that saying that 3 years is almost forever… But I asked Jaromír Červenka who is providing hosting for this service and he said that he don’t mind. So I promissed that I will look at it later (as I was quite overloaded with other things at that time)… And quite some time later I received another e-mail asking about the progress. And it’s done now. So from now on, you can use openSUSE Paste to store pastes forever. I also set one week as a default expiration time on the web. I’m sorry that it took so long, I admit, that I almost forgot about that. But what you can learn from this story is not to be afraid to remind people about things that you are waiting for 😉


  1. James D. McDaniel says:

    I have had an issue with SUSE Paste when trying to post some text in which I get an error saying I am a spammer. Have a look if you can at message #63 here in the openSUSE forums where the text is located I was trying to post. I had to shorten it to fit into the post.


    You could even copy and past the info in the code block to see if you get the same error. Because of the 15000 character limit, I have been using SUSE Paste and putting a pointer in my thread to the text in SUSE Paste. So I was working on a project (mmcheck) for the forums and using SUSE Paste to place that text information. Just wondering why I got this spam error on this type of text data?

    Thank You,

    1. Michal Hrušecký says:

      Basically, you are getting this kind of error, because your post contains too much links – namelly http://something. Shortly after creating openSUSE Paste, many spammers found it interesting enough to post many pastes consisting only from links. Don’t know why, but luckily, these posts were easy to filter because it consisted mostly from hyperlinks. In the end I implemented simple (well, not so simple) algorithm that counts how many hyperlinks you’ve got in your post and for every hyperlink you look more like a spammer. So in the end, if you’ve got too many hyperlinks and not so much of the other text, you are considered spammer 🙁
      Only reasonable solution I can think of is implementing logins and letting logged in people to paste as many hyperlinks as they want. Sounds nice, but also sound like quite some work 🙁 Not sure when I’ll have time to do that.

  2. James D. McDaniel says:

    So I went back and did a quick count and the total was around forty qualified links, but I could have missed one or two. I had never really thought about your link quantity in a message could identify you as a spam generator. To expand on the post information type, it was in regard to mmcheck, a script file for determining your multimedia setup in openSUSE. It consists of 16 tests, looking for installed packages using a terminal command like this one:

    Command: rpm –query –all –queryformat ‘%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}-%{ARCH} -> %{VENDOR}\n’ ‘*quicktime*

    The text included the typical test results when running mmcheck, line by line and each output includes the repository link URL, thus the large quantity of offending links. You can obtain a copy of mmcheck here if interested:


    Anyway, you answered my question. I wish there was a way to post such valid information, but I understand why it was a problem now. I have since got some help to place the mmcheck script into the 1-Click install and so in this case, it is no longer required to use SUSE paste for this project, but I still mention and use it in my forum messages. None the less, I work with lots of useful (in my humble opinion) scripts, not all of which will become part on the 1-click install and so, due to the 15000 character limit on forum messages, SUSE Paste can be an invaluable help to our cause there. So, thank you for you time and effort with SUSE past. I do love and use your service here.

    Thank You,

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