openSUSE Paste: Never expire

This is just a small update regarding openSUSE Paste. Some time ago Gertjan Lettink from openSUSE Forums team asked me, whether it would be possible to add possibility to keep pastes forever on openSUSE Paste. I wasn’t really fan of that saying that 3 years is almost forever… But I asked Jaromír Červenka who is providing hosting for this service and he said that he don’t mind. So I promissed that I will look at it later (as I was quite overloaded with other things at that time)… And quite some time later I received another e-mail asking about the progress. And it’s done now. So from now on, you can use openSUSE Paste to store pastes forever. I also set one week as a default expiration time on the web. I’m sorry that it took so long, I admit, that I almost forgot about that. But what you can learn from this story is not to be afraid to remind people about things that you are waiting for 😉