Pasting images

openSUSE PasteAs you probably know, I’m the one responsible for openSUSE Paste. So I’m receiving some requests for adding features and fixing thing and such. One of the request I received quite some time ago was from Sirko. He’s artist and he’s doing nice artwork. Sometimes he needs to quickly post what he has drawn somewhere to show it to the others and receive some feedback. He is currently using his own site, he could use some image pasting site, but he is our community member and he likes promoting openSUSE wherever he is, whatever he is doing. So I started working on image pasting support for our openSUSE Paste quite some time ago and this weekend I finally finished it.

From now on, you can also upload images. Currently, you have to either select ‘Image file’ as a language or use different address – – to upload image. Don’t worry about different address, backend is still the same and you will be able to access it from even if you uploaded it to (check “Recent” pastes 😉 ). I know that this is not really user friendly and it will change in the future to make it easier. Somebody already promised to figure out some nice way how to incorporate it (I’m not really good with designing beautiful stuff).

So happpy pasting, have a lot of fun and don’t let bugs bite you too hard 😉