Hackweek 6: openSUSE Paste news

As all of you know already, Hackweek number 6 started yesterday. What I’ll be doing? Last Hackweek I started with project to run pastebin for openSUSE. Thanks to you I received quite some feedback. Mostly positive. The rest that wasn’t entirely positive contained some feature requests 😀 I guess it can count also as positive feedback in the end. One big feature was already implemented. Our pastebin support image pastes as well as code one. This was done mainly to help Sirko and our artwork team. Although user interface wasn’t really intuitive, it worked (UI is much better now in git repo, will be deployed in the end of the week). Other feature people asked for was ability to log in. So they’ll have their own history, control over their pastes and they’ll be able to skip spam checker (some people really need to paste something that looks like spam). So I decided that this Hackweek I’ll be working on this feature. Currently I got OpenID working for authenticating users. But there is still many features missing and I’ll need to find a way how to make it work within our openSUSE infrastructure. So far I didn’t succeeded in getting OpenID from our servers. So first two days are over and I made some progress, but there is still long way to go.

That was for “what’s going on” part. I’ve got also something else to share with you. Do you know Ohloh? It’s site that collects various data regarding open source projects. And openSUSE Paste is one of them. One really cool feature they’ve got is journal. You can post short message regarding your project. I really like that. Writing blogposts takes quite some time and blogpost should be long. But I’m trying to make journal entry on Ohloh as soon as I’ve got something especially when I don’t feel that it is worth whole blogpost. Even things that I’m blogging about probably appears on ohloh first. So if you are openSUSE Paste fan, you should follow it on Ohloh 😉