MongoDB and Redis in openSUSE Build Service

Usually I inform you here about MySQL related news in openSUSE. This time it will be a little bit different. But it will be still database related. You probably know that not so long ago (maybe still valid today), NoSQL databases were the cool thing to try. I think it has settled a bit now and it is no more about being cool, but more about your actual needs. So you may actually need some of these. And I can happily inform you, that thanks to the efforts of gladiac, we’ve got some of these in server:database repository now! Namely we’ve got MongoDB there and also Redis. Hurray! They don’t build for all distributions, but if you’ve got recent openSUSE, you can find a package for you there 😉
Although some of us might like the idea of playing around with new technologies, there are already some applications that can use these databases.
One of them, that I was told about is Diaspora (I admit that I wouldn’t be aware of it’s existence without gladiac telling me about it). This social networking thing has interesting concept. It is totally decentralized and gives you ability to have control over you own data! And it requires these two databases. So thanks to gladiac efforts, you can now build your own Diaspora server on openSUSE! Anyone going to create Diaspora appliance using SUSE Studio? 😉