MySQL 5.5 in openSUSE Build Service

MySQL 5.5 is GA for more then a month already. If you are reading some news, you probably already heard, that it is great, million times faster, has trillion new features that you desperately need and much more. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But anyway, MySQL 5.5 is new version everybody talks about. So now when do you get it? It is already lying around for some time in server:database:UNSTABLE repository. It was there since beta, but took me some time to get final version ready. Just add it to your repositories for example by:

zypper ar -f server-database-unstable

and then install it by

zypper in mysql-community-server_55

As it conflicts with whatever MySQL variant you currently have, it will ask you to confirm uninstallation of your currently installed MySQL. Then it will replace it and you can start trying it.

And to answer question when it will be in official openSUSE. For 11.4 is too late. I know it was made GA last year already, but as many things depends on MySQL, I don’t want to accidentally break something. So you can expect it in next openSUSE (11.5 or 12.0, not sure what the name would be). And maybe in Tumbleweed a little bit sooner, after some testing, but currently don’t know when. And of course, it is build not only for openSUSE 11.3, so here comes full list of repositories it is built for: