openSUSE Paste screenshooting script

This post will be really quick. As you may know, openSUSE Paste already supports pasting images. But I found out, that some people don’t use it because they’ve got some other pastebin nicelly integrated. So to help them out, I created simple script that can help them. It is currently available in openSUSE:Contrib repository. You can install it, package name is susepaste-screenshot. When you run it, it will let you click on any window and then it will paste image of that window. It will also show you the link for your paste (in new X window) and copy it to you clipboard. I know that it is not prettiest thing you ever seen, but it works. For nicer GUI, ask for openSUSE Paste support upstream of your favourite pasting tool 😉
btw. If you prefer not to install it manually, you can get it from gitorious, but that way, you’ll have to deal with dependencies by yourself 😉


  1. Bruno Friedmann says:

    Hi Michal, it’s certainly the most to have package for people like me, testing and debugging factory.

    Can you check on obs to also build it for factory:Contrib ?


    1. Michal Hrušecký says:

      Sorry, after publishing article I found small error, fixed it, but broke something else by that. It should be fixed now.

  2. Bruno Friedmann says:

    Well the new version get installed, and work.

    Just a question about the screenshot usability, it’s quite hard to make the selection and see what you will be post

    like http://susepaste.org/68715382
    the selection zone is not very shown.

    1. Michal Hrušecký says:

      Due to the simplicity of the script, there is no selection zone. That would be why it isn’t shown 😀 It will let you to click on any window and will paste screenshot of the whole window. Nothing less, nothing more. Alternatively you can paste your whole desktop, but other choices would require real implementation.

  3. Bruno Friedmann says:

    Thx for the precision, now I understand how to use it, and explain how to use it.

    Well a simple tool, but the job is done, that’s the most essential !
    Continue that great boost work !

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