openSUSE Paste after the sixth hackweek

Hackweek ended over a week ago. It was a lot of fun. I hope that some of you enjoyed it at least as much as I did. Unfortunately (or luckily? :-D), right after the Hackweek I was traveling to attend two conferences (firstly Znalosti 2011 in Slovakia and then FOSDEM (will blog about FOSDEM later)). Because of that I didn’t wanted to deploy what I was working on and I delayed the blogpost as well.
So what was I working on? On our precious pastebin. My original idea was to make connection between openSUSE Paste and openSUSE Connect. It ended a little bit differently.

When I was looking into technologies that could make such connection possible I decided to go for OpenID. It is in our (Boosters) long term backlog, to get rid of iChain and convert to OpenID. So I decided that OpenID is the right way to go 😉
First obvious feature that I implemented is that you can now log in using your OpenID. Why should you do that? Because logged users are not considered spammers regardless of how many links they are trying to paste. Some people already hit my quick hack to prevent spam robots from pasting too much. But that’s not all yet. You’ll also have your own personal list consisting of all your pastes. And you can even delete them! You can also create a key that applications will use to authenticate in openSUSE Paste to paste as you! Applications still need to be updated though.
Other thing that I wanted to create was OpenID provider integrated into openSUSE Connect. I investigated few OpenID servers, but in the end I didn’t succeeded in time. Maybe next Hackweek.