Virtual openSUSE 11.4 Release party

Last week I managed to attend virtual openSUSE 11.4 Release party in Second Life. I got registered there especially to able to attend this event so it took me some time to figure out how it all works. Although I’m still learning how Second Life works, I’m now able to perform basic tasks and move around freely. Big thanks to Morgane Marquis for helping me. I’m still learning new stuff and it’s fun.

Now back to the release party. We meet at Geekos Place in Second Life. It is awesome place to visit and you still can. Lot of geekos everywhere. We talked, had a few beers and danced. We had DJ Ariella to take care about the music. She is from Australia and she had to wake up insanelly early (I think something like 5am) to be our DJ. Big thanks to her. Overall, we had a lot of fun. It’s our motto, isn’t it 😉 We even did some huging (if you know Jos, you know what I’m talking about). You can see pictures from the party in following galeries:

So it was great and I liked it. Now obvious question is, what was your opinion? Did you liked it as much as I have? Do you like virtual events? Would you like to see some more virtual events? Let me know and I’ll let Bruno and Morgane know 😉