Hack Week

Next week is a Hack Week. Do you know, what Hack Week is? It’s week during which we at SUSE come to work and work on anything we want. Anything? Well anything open source related. So if you normally work as a designer, you can sit down and spend a whole week hacking Linux kernel. Or on the other hand, as kernel developer, you can try to improve design of our web. What are my plans for next week? I’m not sure yet. I still have some requests regarding openSUSE Paste. But as week is a long time, I would like to try something else, requiring more time.


libguestfs is a set of tools for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images. And I would like to have it available somehow in openSUSE as I use virtualization quite a lot. That can be interesting and useful project for the next week and I think it may be useful not just for me.

Karma in Connect

Yes, here I go again. I already wrote about it several times and it is still not implemented and although I think full implementation would take quite some time, I could try to take a look at some simple way how to provide something to start with.

So these are my two ideas what I may try to do next week. Not decided yet, so maybe I will end up with something completely different. But in the meantime, this can serve as an inspiration for others and if somebody would like to join me on either of these, don’t hesitate to leave a comment 😉