MySQL survey results

As I promised a week ago, I’m publishing results of my little MySQL survey. Question that people (including me) are probably the most interested in is what variant(s) of MySQL are people using. No big surprise is that the most used variant (89%) is MySQL Community Server from Oracle. It’s well known default, people know what to expect and administrators golden rule is don’t touch it if it works. And other variants build on top of it anyway.
Second place (20%) belong to MariaDB. That is answer I also kind of expected. MariaDB guys are verbose and visible. At least I saw much more people talking about MariaDB then about Percona. Part of it might be that they position themselves as kind of MySQL competitor. Oracle is big controversial company. Sometimes we hate them (they killed OpenOffice!), sometimes we love them (btrfs is great!). So I can imagine regular users getting angry with Oracle and switching to the competitor. And there was a period of time in history when we all were unsure about what Oracle will do to the MySQL and MariaDB was there for us. Some people can also have some valid reasons. Like the need for one of the included storage engines.
What surprised me was how little people use MySQL Cluster included in the distribution. 4 people responded that they use MySQL Cluster and only two of them use it from main repository. Cluster uses same amount of people as people using Percona which we don’t have in our repositories at all! The outcome from this is that I’ll probably drop MySQL Cluster from main distribution and keep it only in obs for now. This change will help me concentrate more on variants that people use. But MySQL Cluster will be still available in obs in it’s latest version.
I’m not planning inclusion of Percona, but if anybody is interested, it should be pretty easy to put it to obs using templates I have for MySQL.
From the rest of the results, it’s apparent that unstable repository is not known and that plenty of responders have some suggestions for default MySQL configuration and they are keeping them to themselves! So if you are one of them, let me know you suggestions. Ideally by sending me configuration snippet everybody can benefit from 😉
In the end I would like to thank all participants for their responses, it will help me concentrate on things you are interested the most and improve overall presence of MySQL in openSUSE Build Service. And of course, any comments are welcome and whole results can be seen on separate web page mentioned bellow 😉

Survey results