openSUSE ARM chroot – less then alpha?

Hi, just another quick update about openSUSE @ ARM project. Yesterday I posted that I’m happy geeko because I have openSUSE chroot on my ASUS Transformer. Several people were excited and wanted to try it too, even though I posted that it is highly work in progress. Ok, so to satisfy these curious readers, I’ll share my chroot. What is there and hopefully working is zypper and osc, so you can install new packages as we will fix them and you can help with fixing broken ones. But I would recommend not to use any of this on your internal memory. At least on external SD card you are not afraid to destroy or ideally on some network filesystem.
How it works? You need some machine you have root on and at least a little bit decent busybox. Then just unpack content of this archive to your SD card, make adjustments to the linuxchroot script if needed and run it from terminal. You should end up chrooted into openSUSE. If not, I warned you that this is not even in alpha state, so check what script is doing, why is it failing and fix it 😉 Comments are welcome, support requests not so much 😀 And I take no responsibility for anything and everything is up to you 😉 So this is definitely not for end users.

Download link