server:database:UNSTABLE and server:database merge

Looking at still progressing survey(currently more than 50 responses), I still see, that nobody uses server:database:UNSTABLE repository in openSUSE Build Service. So I have an idea to drop it completely – whole repository – and move packages that are only there (like MariaDB 5.3 or MySQL Community Server 5.6) to the server:database repository. This might make it easier for people to find these packages. But it has some downsides as well. Original purpose of UNSTABLE repository was to have it in name that this contains alpha/beta versions and that it may not work or worse. Once I will move it to the server:database repository, only distinction would be summary and package name. And who read the summary… I guess I will go for it and we will see. But if you have some strong arguments against, speak now, otherwise I will proceed in next few days 😉