openSUSE 12.1 Launch Party in Prague

X-mass geekoLast Friday we had a 12.1 launch party in Prague. This time it was in SUSE office. Why so long after the release? We wanted to make sure to have some new shiny factory made DVDs for our guests. And as we waited, it happened to be nearby St. Nicolas day. For those of you that don’t know Czech traditions, on St. Nicolas day, we have people dressed as St. Nicolas, devil and angel going through the city, visiting children. Good children will get some snacks from St. Nicolas as a reward, bad children will get potatoes or coal from the devil as a reward. We wanted to exploit this tradition a little bit and thus every guest got a little gift from St. Nicolas. As they were our community, sure they were all good 😉 But just in case, I dressed a little bit devilish 😉


So what we did apart from giving away some snacks and DVDs? We had several presentations. First of them had Michal Marek and it was about how do they handle kernel maintenance in SUSE Labs. Second presentation was held by Dinar Valeev and it was about how they are working on PPC port of openSUSE. As we dived into non mainstream architecture I joined afterwards with a talk about progress ARM port is doing. I was presenting from my ARM netbook although it was running Android as a main OS and openSUSE in chroot only (to create the presentation). Last presentation was by Pavol Rusnak and it was about new features in 12.1 in general. I joined in the end to speak more deeply about Btrfs and Snapper. After all presentations, we went for the tour through Prague SUSE office as our guests were interested in where do we work. And after the tour, we went for some beers to nearby restaurant (no photos from there 😉 ).
I enjoyed it and I hope our guests did as well. Looking forward to the next oss event 😉
Oh and one last thing, somebody from audience asked me about template I use for my LaTeX presentation. So I pointed him to my git repository with some of my presentations. It might get handy to others as well 😉