openSUSE on ARM is getting greater and greater

You all know that openSUSE is getting it’s ARM port, right? That many people is working on it hard every day. And there is big progress going on. Actually because of this great progress, results get published not as often (as Factory is changing all the time, obs doesn’t keep up with binary publishing). So if you want update your device, you are eagerly checking obs and watching number of packages being build at the moment dropping and dropping and where it is almost done and almost ready to be published, somebody fixes gcc and everything starts again 😀 But if you are patient, packages will get published eventually. And then you can be happy and play around. And so do I 😀 I have my ASUS Transformer, which is a great device and since it got openSUSE chroot, it is better then ever! So I wanted to share my excitement 😉 On 12.1 launch party I had a talk about openSUSE on ARM and I showed zypper running on ARM, today I’m going to show you YaST 😉 Reminds you of something? Yes, I published few photos of YaST on ARM in 2010 as well. But this time, it looks like openSUSE ARM port is going to live long and prosper!