susepaste in openSUSE Factory

Do you remember my little script that makes pasting from command line easier? I wrote it to simplify sharing program outputs, logs and whatever you want with your friends on the Internet. It takes a file or output of the program and put it on And it will return you a link and automatically copy it to your clipboard. You can also predefine your nickname, how long it should last and even give it a key to use openSUSE Paste as logged in you. I think it is pretty useful and I’m using it myself quite often. So I’m happy to announce, that this little utility recently landed in openSUSE:Factory. What does it mean for you? Positive thing is, that it is going to be part of openSUSE 12.2! No extra repositories needed. Not so positive thing about it is, that it had to be dropped from Contrib repository and now it is available in devel:tools repository. But I know that not everybody wants to add such a big repository just because of this one little package. So I also created home:-miska-:Release:susepaste repository in which is only susepaste script. Not only that there is only this package and nothing else, but this package is there in latest version for many various openSUSE versions and even for some other distributions (if you happen to be maintaining various servers 😉 ). So enjoy 😉