Two more openSUSE Paste tasks from GCI completed!

openSUSE Paste logoAs you may know, Google Code in is in progress. It is a great opportunity for high school students to participate in open source and compete in contributing to the projects. And I happened to be one of the mentors with few tasks contributing to our openSUSE Paste. I already mentioned one that was completed some time ago, today I’m going to write about two more!!!
Let’s start with non-technical stuff. As a result of one task openSUSE Paste got itself a logo! Actually several logos. You can get all variants from git. All were designed by Prajwala Parameshwa. But I admit, that I complained and kind of influenced the direction, so if you don’t like them, it’s my fault. If you like them, all glory to the artist who made them 😉 Why is there so many variants? There are three color variations – grey (just an ordinary paper), green (we are green distribution after all) and yellow (as sticky notes are). And for each color there is variant with/without border and with/without Geeko stamp on it. So we can choose different logo for every occasion 😉
Now let’s go to the technical stuff. You know that there are stupid spammers who are interested in spamming our beloved pastebin? And from time to time I go through the database and clean it up. Sometimes people ask me to. So I decided that it would be great, if I can just give some rights around to the people and create a group of moderators that can delete any paste that is clearly a spam or otherwise doesn’t belong to the pastebin. So I wrote a task about that and the same student that implemented the possibility to use use GET presets finished this task and made it possible for people from moderators group (currently that’s just me) to delete any post directly from the web. So if I know you and trust you and if you want to be moderator, ask for rights (having OpenID that works with openSUSE Paste is required) 😉