Alternative architectures in OBS

As you may already know, there are initiatives in openSUSE community to get our great openSUSE running even on non-mainstream architectures. I’m particularly interested into openSUSE on ARM but I’m rooting for our colleagues who are working on getting PPC support in openSUSE. Of course we are using OBS to do that and there is one minor think that you might not noticed yet. Anybody can build for these architectures!!! It is still slow, so don’t enable it just for every repo you have, but if you want to help us and contribute to our porting initiatives, this can help you, save you some time and can make it easier for you to contribute!

How to do it? It’s not as easy as enabling Factory or Tumbleweed builds, but it still pretty easy. The easiest way for tutorial and my preferred way would be using osc tool in commandline. You can just call osc meta prj -e and add following code (leave out  architectures you don’t want to play with):

<repository name="openSUSE_Factory_ARM">
  <path repository="standard" project="openSUSE:Factory:ARM"/>
<repository name="openSUSE_Factory_ppc">
  <path repository="standard" project="openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC"/>

You can of course get the same results using webUI, but that is a little bit more difficult to describe and I’m sure you’ll find it by yourselves. So if you want to help us with all these non-mainstream architectures it’s really easy to do so!


  1. k0da says:

    Well, ppc is slow in term of I/O not a CPU.
    And we have just 13 build machines with 4 workers each.

    1. Michal Hrušecký says:

      Well, what I meant was don’t enable these everywhere you can, but only where it makes sense…

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