How did I enjoyed FOSDEM 2012?

As every year, FOSDEM was great! I spend some time at our stand talking to the people, telling them how great openSUSE is. I visited several interesting talks and met a lot of people, quite some of them I no longer remember (sorry), but I took some business cards and notes from some interesting talks. Some talks I haven’t got enough space to sit and type, some were too interesting to take a notes 😀
If I try to summarize most interesting stuff, there is a lot of going on toward standardized ARM platform, things are slowly settling down and drivers are slowly getting where we need them. And many people are interested in ARMs. Hurray! Oh, and btw. I had a talk there about openSUSE on ARM 😉
I also learned a little bit about TCP MultiPath. Sounded quite interesting. Providing classic socket API and using classic TCP streams to make sure everything works on already existing applications/infrastructure and creating new awesome features at the same time. Great lightning talk.
And there was also talk and some discussion how to get average people more interested and involved. Sounded like a good plan and let’s see what will happen in few months.
Overall, I had a great time on FOSDEM and missed most of it in previous paragraph. But as after every FOSDEM, I’m full of ideas and I feel really great to be part of the open source world!