KDE 4.8 Release party

Last week on Friday we had a KDE 4.8 release party in Prague. It took us some time to organize everything, but in the end everything went well. For those of you who missed the party, little overview (and some photos, sorry, no cake left).


Even though it was a Prague release party, we spoke quite a lot in English as well. Why? Well most of our speakers don’t speak Czech (yet). Theo was one organizing the talks and inviting speakers and doing all important stuff around the party and he managed to get here Cornelius Schumacher and Jos Poortvliet to come. Both of them has a long history with KDE, so they were giving great talks. For example Jos spoke about 15 new KDE features in 5 minutes and Cornelius about how KDE evolved over the time from small project done by few people to the current state where many people from all over the world works on it. Talk by Jos was also important from other reaseon. People could bet how long will it take and three closest to the actual time have won plush geekos! In the end five minutes talk lasted eight minutes. Apart from famous foreign visitors, we had talks by Tomáš Chvátal about translations and LibreOffice KDE integration and Theo also had a talk which I unfortunatelly missed because I was fetching party attendees in the reception and getting them up through the lift.

After the talks, Cornelius started cutting the cake and serving it to all attendees and we talked and enjoyed the KDE cake and openSUSE beer and talked… I would say, party was great and even though I’m not a KDE user, I enjoyed it! Many thanks to everybody who participated and I’m looking forward to next open source event which happens to be this weekend 😀

PS: If you like to get your hands on KDE 4.8 Live media, you can find some in SUSE Studio or wait for official Gentoo Live media that will be released later this week.