Some news about MySQL in obs

MariaDB logoIf you follow MySQL community at least as much as I do (browsing trough the planet from time to time), you know that some exciting milestones were reached both in Oracles MySQL and in MariaDB. And as I love bleeding edge software, you can try all these exciting things prepackaged in openSUSE 😉

Oracles MySQL

Let’s start with news from guys at Oracle. Recently they released new MySQL Cluster 7.2. Yes 7.2 is GA now. And you can find a lot of exiting info online about how fast it is! If you don’t believe benchmarks done by others, try it by yourself! We have it in server:database repository for all supported openSUSE versions, SLE and few other rpm based distributions. Just add the repository and install package mysql-cluster_72. Pretty easy, isn’t it? 😉 So if you have MySQL cluster and want to take advantage of the latest improvements, give it a try 😉


Now a some information regarding MariaDB. Folks at Monty Program were not sleeping either. They released release candidate of MariaDB 5.3, progressing towards GA and yesterday they released first alpha of MariaDB 5.5.20 – merge between their 5.3 and MySQL 5.5. Everything is packaged and ready for you to try in server:database 😉 But let’s speak a little bit more about MariaDB…

MariaDB 5.3 series

MariaDB 5.3 is currently in version 5.3.4 and is considered release candidate. It is around for quite some time already. It contains many improvements and people are doing benchmarks and are excited about changes. And it’s getting closer and closer towards GA. I asked on #mariadb channel and was told that GA is probably just a few weeks away. So here comes what I plan to do. openSUSE already contains MariaDB and we have MySQL Community Server as default. Therefore I’ll put MariaDB 5.3 into openSUSE 12.2 (next planned release). I’m running it for quite some time on this server and I haven’t lost any data. Looks quite stable and if somebody think that is still too new and untested, he can always use MySQL Community Server. If you have any objections, comments are lower on this page 😉

MariaDB 5.5

Other think I would like to speak about a little bit is MariaDB 5.5.20. First alpha was released yesterday. What is so interesting about this release? It is merge of MySQL 5.5 and MariaDB 5.3 so it should contain goodies from both words! Ok, some things from MySQL 5.6 are still missing, but anyway, sounds promising. Although I have really low traffic website I switched today in the morning to this version, just to test that everything works fine and to encounter possible troubles sooner. If you want to try it, just add server:database repository and install package mariadb_55. That’s all and you can start testing new version and reporting bugs (preferably directly upstream 😉 )