Help me polish MySQL in openSUSE 12.2

"We can do it!" by workerIf you are following news regarding openSUSE and MySQL, you probably already know, that we have both MySQL and MariaDB in openSUSE to allow users to choose what they want to use. And if these two options are not enough, we’ve got server:database repository with newest and greatest development versions of both and MySQL Cluster on to of that. I think all this is great and awesome, that we have all of that.

Now to the not so great part. Unfortunately I’m bare human, I have to eat, sleep and I have some work, some bugs that takes a lot more time that I expected, some school duties to take care of and of course openSUSE Conference to organize! So as a result of all that, I can’t polish MySQL and MariaDB as much I would love to. And on top of that, I’m not expert in MySQL configuration. Part of that is that it just works and I never had any server where MySQL was slowing things down. But there is plenty of skilled MySQL administrators out there in community! So I’m calling out for help. You skilled MySQL admins probably have a lot of interesting tweaks you are applying to default configuration file. So take a look at them and think what could be useful for everybody, not just in your specific use-case. And either send me snippet with short explanation in the comments, or create .cnf file add it to the flavor directory and send me pull request on github! I’ll keep credits and your explanation of the snippet inside, so people will know, who came with this cool option and what does it do 😉

Oh, and don’t get discouraged if I don’t include it right away, it may take me some time to get to it, but I’ll appreciate every suggestion 😉