4 Conferences in October in Prague

There will be a lot going on in fall this year in Prague. There will be awesome cluster of four conferences! And as I’m somehow involved in all of them, I want to promote them a little bit as well. So what’s going on? There is openSUSE Conference coming to Prague. We were planning where to have it, how to do it and stuff like that. During the planning of this one and one new Czech one called LinuxDays, I took Jos with me to the LinuxDays conference meeting so we can discuss how can both conferences help each other. Meeting was really great and we ended up with deciding to merge both conferences! Have them both at the same time, same place and make them both even more awesome! We also had Theo with us, who was by that time thinking about organizing new conference for Gentoo people. So we throw in another conference! What is the result? During weekend from 20th October to 21st October, we will have four conferences at the same place! Gentoo miniconf, LinuxDays, openSUSE Conference and SUSE Labs conference! And the openSUSE/SUSE Labs one will continue even for two extra days 😉 I’m really looking forward to it, to see all these communities merge. And to have a lot of fun, on this surely awesome multiconference! We even have a common poster and landing page as you can see bellow 😉

And why am I writing about it just now? Well, I was ill last week, working on getting better, but mainly because CfPs opens up today!!! So you can start submitting your talks/workshops! Here are links for all of them – directly to CfP page, but I would recommend to go through the longer way and checkout the respective websites as well 😉

Common poster