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  • MySQL in obs and openSUSE (current status)

    There has been a lot going on in MySQL community and I didn’t blogged about MySQL for some time. So this is a small update regarding MySQL in openSUSE Build Service and in openSUSE in general. This post is intended to let you know what, where and in which version we’ve got in Build Service 😉 And… Continue reading »

  • MySQL 5.4 in openSUSE Build Service

    Currently there are several MySQL versions released by SUN. Latest version marked as stable is MySQL 5.1. This version is in build service for some time already and you may noticed that it is on it’s way to Factory (no yet there, but working on it). Other newer releases are 5.4 and 6.0. 5.4 is… Continue reading »

  • server:database structure changes

    After some discussions which happened on mailing list lately, I decided that server: database repository can use some more adjustments. Some people complained about changes I introduced with MySQL 5.1. One point of view is that using factory version on production server is a bad idea but on the other hand, where would you get… Continue reading »