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  • MySQL Version Updates

    Few weeks ago I was at FOSDEM.  It was really amazing experience. I meet many interesting people, learned quite some thing and I returned full of enthusiasm. Open Source events are really great. But all the fun wasn’t over even after the FOSDEM. I spent few more days in Bruxelles attending MySQL packagers meeting organized… Continue reading »

  • MySQL updates, openSUSE 13.1 and default configuration

    Recently I had some time to do some clenaups/changes/updates in server:database repo regarding MySQL (and MariaDB). Nothing too big. Well actually, there are few little things that I want to talk about and that is the reason for this blog post, but still, nothing really important… MySQL 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 MySQL 5.6 is stable… Continue reading »

  • Two little MySQL presents for openSUSE users

    Christmas are coming, most of us will be at home, spending some time with their families. Everybody looks forward to it. Everybody is stressed at least a month before to get everything ready and then you are at home, with your family and it’s great. For few days. Then, let’s say it starts to be… Continue reading »

  • Updates in unstable repo (not only) for openSUSE

    I already mentioned this repository several times on my blog. It is the repository where I’m trying to keep bleeding edge stuff for MySQL. I’ve been updating it recently and we’ve got new package there and some interesting updates I want to mention. MariaDB and MySQL First thing to mention is that this repository contains… Continue reading »

  • My way of booting PiDrive (Raspberry Pi2)

    Some time ago I started playing with PiDrive project. I implemented an application that I think will be useful to people using it in the end – some simple IPv6 enabler/browser and DynDNS client. But I kinda cheated and implemented it on the ARM board I already had at home. Over the last week I… Continue reading »

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