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  • MySQL in openSUSE 11.3

    Original title was ‘MySQL dropped from openSUSE!!!‘. I wanted to have some shocking title, but I changed it as I don’t really want to scare you so much 😉 But it is partially true, there is no mysql package in openSUSE anymore. But of course we DID NOT really dropped MySQL. In fact, we now… Continue reading »

  • MySQL, MariaDB & openSUSE 12.3

    openSUSE 12.3 is getting closer and closer and probably one of the last changes I pushed for MySQL was switching the default MySQL implementation. So in openSUSE 12.3 we will have MariaDB as a default. If you are following what is going on in openSUSE in regards to MySQL, you probably already know, that we… Continue reading »

  • MySQL 5.5 in openSUSE Build Service

    MySQL 5.5 is GA for more then a month already. If you are reading some news, you probably already heard, that it is great, million times faster, has trillion new features that you desperately need and much more. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But anyway, MySQL 5.5 is new version everybody talks about.… Continue reading »

  • MariaDB 5.2.3 in openSUSE (Build Service)

    You maybe already noticed, that MariaDB folks released their new stable version 5.2.3 today. And as we’ve got our great openSUSE Build Service, we already have this version packaged and you can install it easilly on openSUSE. I didn’t had much time to test it deeply, I just tried that it runs, and that I’m… Continue reading »

  • MySQL Version Updates

    Few weeks ago I was at FOSDEM.  It was really amazing experience. I meet many interesting people, learned quite some thing and I returned full of enthusiasm. Open Source events are really great. But all the fun wasn’t over even after the FOSDEM. I spent few more days in Bruxelles attending MySQL packagers meeting organized… Continue reading »