openSUSE on Android (chroot only)

You all probably heard about Ubuntu for Android, right? Ubuntu is very good in the marketing and they can do a lot of locomotion around everything. So what if you have Android, want to use Linux distribution and Ubuntu isn’t your cup of tee? You can use openSUSE of course! Let me show you how…… Continue reading »


Alternative architectures in OBS

As you may already know, there are initiatives in openSUSE community to get our great openSUSE running even on non-mainstream architectures. I’m particularly interested into openSUSE on ARM but I’m rooting for our colleagues who are working on getting PPC support in openSUSE. Of course we are using OBS to do that and there is… Continue reading »


How did I enjoyed FOSDEM 2012?

As every year, FOSDEM was great! I spend some time at our stand talking to the people, telling them how great openSUSE is. I visited several interesting talks and met a lot of people, quite some of them I no longer remember (sorry), but I took some business cards and notes from some interesting talks.… Continue reading »


openSUSE on ARM is getting greater and greater

You all know that openSUSE is getting it’s ARM port, right? That many people is working on it hard every day. And there is big progress going on. Actually because of this great progress, results get published not as often (as Factory is changing all the time, obs doesn’t keep up with binary publishing). So… Continue reading »


openSUSE 12.1 Launch Party in Prague

Last Friday we had a 12.1 launch party in Prague. This time it was in SUSE office. Why so long after the release? We wanted to make sure to have some new shiny factory made DVDs for our guests. And as we waited, it happened to be nearby St. Nicolas day. For those of you… Continue reading »

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