Ideas about Karma in openSUSE Connect

You probably already know from Pavols post, that we are going to work openSUSE Connect during Froscon. Anybody can join us. Only basic php knowledge and will to learn new things is required. Or maybe you can contribute somehow even without php, just with html and css. Anyway, what I was investigating lately was the… Continue reading »


LinuxExpo 2010

For those who didn’t know, last week there was an event called LinuxExpo in Prague. And we off course went there with the Czech part of openSUSE Boosters team to talk about openSUSE. Other colleagues also helped with running openSUSE booth. And some of our community members we standing around talking to people as well.… Continue reading »


LinuxAlt 2009 Overview

This weekend we were on LinuxAlt conference with my colleague Pavol Rusnak. It was really nice event, we met quite some people. I also learned some new things during the talks but I’m not going to write here about talks as others will surely write about them more deeply. I’m going to write something about… Continue reading »


LinuxAlt 2009

This is going to be just a little note. Tomorrow starts two day conference LinuxAlt in Brno in Czech Republic. I’m planning to attend as a mere mortal (no presentation or such). So if you want to speak to me in person, you can probably catch me there somewhere. I’ll be wearing some openSUSE t-shirt… Continue reading »


My talks at openSUSE Conference 2009

Some additional notes about openSUSE Conference 2009. This time I want to mention my talks and point you to my slides if you are interested in them. Building your own distro We originally created this presentation with Mare Stopka for LineExpo 2009. Then it was rewritten for openSUSE Conference 2009. It’s brief presentation how you… Continue reading »

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