Honeypot as a service

I’m currently working at CZ.NIC, Czech domain registry on project Turris which are awesome open source WiFI (or WiFi free) routers. For those we developed quite some interesting features. One of them is honeypot that you don’t run on your own hardware (what if somebody managed to escape) but you basically do man in the… Continue reading »


Turris Omnia and openSUSE

About two weeks ago I was on the annual openSUSE Board face to face meeting. It was great and you can read reports of what was going on in there on openSUSE project mailing list. In this post I would like to focus on my other agenda I had while coming to Nuremberg. Nuremberg is… Continue reading »


Čeho se bát v ACTA?

Jako asi každý, i já jsem se zhrozil, když jsem se dozvěděl, že Česká republika a s ní i spousta dalších zemí podepsali ACTA. Slyšel jsem o různých opatřeních, která zahrnuje a vůbec se mi nelíbila. Tak jsem se rozhodl si ACTA přečíst sám. O ACTA se dlouho vědělo jen že je tajná. Že o… Continue reading »


How to make a VoIP calls (the right way)

Even though I prefer to use instant messaging and SMS, sometimes it’s easier to make a phone call. Especially my parents and grand parents prefer calls over IM (let’s say that SMS is a form of IM). So how do you call them? There are several ways. Some of them are obviously wrong like Skype.… Continue reading »